To further support our Customers, Belacon has created a fully customizable Asset Management System to capture the movement of products throughout our network. This system, known as BelaTrax, is a simple yet powerful set of web-based interfaces allowing users throughout the network to enter a variety of data to track the flow of product from location to location and services rendered at each location with real time visibility. Each interface within the BelaTrax System has been customized to support Warehouse, Customer and Belacon Employee Users.

Warehouse Interface


Each warehouse location can access this system and record their daily in and out activity which enables the BelaTrax System to calculate real time product inventories per location. Locations may also record data for a variety of other services provided such as overtime hours worked, wash services and repair services.

BelaTrax’s advanced dashboard also informs users of upcoming and overdue activities allowing a location to make on the spot decisions to improve their efficiency and optimize their workload. The system also contains an advanced search feature allowing users to view past activities and services rendered with an option to download search results into a Microsoft Excel format for additional analysis.

Invoicing Interface

BelaTrax also features a sophisticated invoicing interface allowing all parties involved to track and review their billable services rendered. Using Microsoft Excel downloads the invoicing module allows users to capture real time earnings as they complete activities and services within the system. This system also tracks what activities and services have been paid and those that have not.

Customer Interface


The customer interface provides fast and accurate visibility to inventory based activities completed within the BelaTrax System throughout the entire Belacon Network. Customers can review activities recorded with the system to verify shipments have been completed on time or to view the current status of a specific shipment. Similar to other interfaces with the BelaTrax System the customer interface allows users to download all search results into a Microsoft Excel format for additional analysis and record keeping.

Administration Interface  


The administration interface allows Belacon to maintain real time supervision of the entire BelaTrax system with the ability to provide support to all users quickly and efficiently. The administration interface is also where we maintain all warehouse, carrier, user and shipping location information. Using the administration interface we also maintain a collection of user support documents and system messages that users can view when they are logged into the BelaTrax System.

System Features & Requirements

Reporting and Status Updates

  • Instant inventory visibility (for you and your customers).
  • Provide customers with online access to standard reports- allowing them to view real-time inventory status, shipment status and more.
  • Automatically notify customers via email of key warehouse events (e.g., exceptions, shipments, etc.)

The Right Capabilities to Increase Profitability

  • Maintain total visibility and control- eliminating time-wasting by manual means.
  • Manage inventory by different categories.
  • International dates and time zones, currency, metric dimensions and weight support.

Advanced Functionality

  • Ability to record different types of services performed.
  • Capable of searching historical data.


  • Internet access only.  Since BelaTrax is a web-based application, standard web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer are all you need.

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