Warehousing Network: Overview

Warehousing where you need it and when you need it - that's what Belacon delivers to Customers every day.

We are dedicated to customer service and capable of extraordinary customization options. From a simple storage scenario to seasonal demand and mission-critical needs, Belacon is poised to provide you with solutions for all of your warehousing needs.

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The Belacon Warehouse Network is comprised of 175+ modern warehouse facilities, with millions of square-footage of available storage space, so we can cover all of your needs. We understand that you need to have your assets in strategic locations, so with National warehousing options, Belacon is uniquely capable of meeting your company or organizational objectives.

  • Warehouse locations in all major markets and ports.
  • Multiple locations allow the ability to move or relocate product to different locations as your strategies change.
  • Seamless operations via a single point of contact which can help you resolve any logistical challenges - including transportation and pooled asset management.
  • Ability to participate in the BelaGreen program, to cut down on waste and enhance sustainability.
  • Initial warehousing needs assessment conducted free of charge.
As a recognized leader in creating and leveraging technology solutions, Belacon continues to innovate with the development of the Belatrax systems. Our proven technologies track, trace, and manage millions of Customers’ assets on a daily basis. All of our systems are structured to offer you unparalleled customer service, reduce costs and enhance efficiencies, including:
  • Custom Reporting
  • Alert Management
  • Multi-Facility / Multi-Regional Capability
  • RFID technology
  • EDI Interfacing
  • Web-based visibility that can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Hands-on training for warehouse personnel on RFID scanning technology
  • Sorting: Every asset is inspected for structural and contamination criteria and inventoried by proper classification.
  • Washing: Assets are cleaned prior to reissue to meet the standards provided by our customer.
  • Repairs: Belacon’s repair centers can address any asset or pallet in need of simple repair and place them back into service, improving product turns and supply.
  • Re-label: To meet the demands of the end user, Belacon replaces torn or missing bar code labels.
  • Storage and Re-issue of Assets: Strategically located throughout the US and Canada, Belacon’s Network of warehousing and transportation offers storage and re-issue of pooled pallets, other assets

Additional value-added and customized solutions include:

  • Over 24 Million Square Feet of Warehousing Space
  • Repair and Wash Stations for Pooled Assets
  • Cross-Docking / Transloading / Intermodal
  • Stringent Security Standards
  • Diversified Material Handling Equipment
  • Temperature Controlled Facilities
  • Reverse Logistics