Warehousing Network: Western United States

This map highlights Belacon Affiliated Warehouses in the Western United States. Below the map you'll find details on our capabilities within this region.


Capabilities in the Western United States

Belacon has 38 sites in the Western United States, with over 7.7 Million Square Feet of storage space in the Western region.

The Belacon Warehouse Network offers a host of services and certifications for all of your Western storage needs, including:

  • A.I.B. Certification
  • ASI Certification
  • Cold Storage
  • Drayage of Containers from Nearest Port
  • Express Shipping
  • FDA Certification
  • Flat Bed Access
  • Food Grade Certification
  • Hazmat Capable
  • Heavy Forklifts, Slip Sheet Removers, & Roll Stocks
  • Indoor Railway Access
  • ISO 150-2008 Rated Facilities
  • Outside Storage
  • Racking
  • Sprinkler Systems - Wet & ESFR
  • Secured Perimeters
  • Smartway Certification
  • Tractor / Trailer Fleets
  • WMBE Certification
  • Yard Dog / Hostler / Ottawa On Site